Student Invitation


Our visit to Washington, DC for the Awake East Coast conference was nothing short of spectacular.  Being around like-hearted believers stirs us to see even greater than we’ve seen before.  Hebrews 10:24 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Being around wild believers who are passionate about seeing their college campuses transformed is fuel to the fire – spurring us toward love and good deeds.  Some believe these verses are meant to encourage us to have better behavior and stop being so rowdy.  When I reflect on the friendships I’ve had with believers who live to experience all God has called them to do and receive all that He has done, our conversations were dominated with testimonies, our lives flooded with miracles, and our time spent together was ministering to the sick and downtrodden.  Our very nature became supernatural because we constantly spurred one another towards love and good deeds. Good deeds/God's power without love are like a train without tracks.

During our time in DC, students from multiple campuses were planning what they could do to effectively see their campuses transformed. We were once students and experienced a movement on our campus.  We've worn a lot of hats.  So we asked ourselves, what do we love to do and how can we be an instrument of creative inspiration, reinforcement, encouragement, and sustainability with college students hungry for revival?  After much prayer and discussion, we arrived at the Mountaintop Experience.

It’s our desire to host students from college campuses around the nation and give them the opportunity to receive coaching, training and equipping in the beautiful environment of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, NC.  We want to give students the opportunity to practice what they've learned and give them the experience they need to see God's power released on their campus.  You can't beat the setting and the family atmosphere.  If you are a college student, know a college student, or are about to become a college student, learn more, spread the word, and register to join us for one of the many weekends available.

We’ll see you on the mountain!

-Jonathan & Keeli Fawcett

Freedom from Eating Disorder


In hopes that liberation will replenish and testimonies will come from a result of this blog...

Have you ever had the overwhelming guilt from ingesting food at the thought you would gain an ounce or made yourself so sick from eating that you had to purge your insides or were so stricken with fear of gaining weight that you could not swallow anything but air?  There is a good chance you have faced one of those scenarios and if you haven’t I can assure you some of your close friends have.  An eating disorder can come from the most innocent dieting rituals.  Simply trying to take care of your body or preparing for the spring break trip coming up in a few weeks.  I cannot imagine that many people would purposefully set themselves up for a life-threatening condition.  Females may wake up determined to look better and lose weight but it is harder to come across a young girl who said she woke up one morning and quit eating to take on a chronic illness. We all want to look good but the thing I have found after seeing so many friends get married is that skin and bones is not your answer to walking down the aisle to get married.  Girls of all shapes and sizes get married and they marry good looking people.  Just go to the mall and look around you.

Saturday night I picked up a newspaper and saw an ad for National Eating Disorder Awareness week which was actually last week.  As soon as I saw the ad the Lord told me to write a blog on eating disorders and girls were going to be supernaturally healed as they read it.

If you are dealing with unhealthy eating I am not sure of the cause or hurt you may be facing right now.  I do know that just as Esther, in the Bible, you have been called for such a time as this and you were made in the image of God.  Jesus created you perfect.  Literally perfect.

I pray you receive a God given desire for food and peace to eat healthy.  I break every lie of the enemy over your mind and call you blessed, holy and righteous.  You have been set free and I declare the freedom and love of God to overwhelm you. Jesus loves you because He loves you and He made you.  Feed and take care of your body.  You have the mind of Christ.  God has perfect plans for your life and you will walk them out.  There is nothing you have done that is too big for God’s grace to take care of.  You are healed and never again do you have to fear food or weight gain.  I speak righteous eating and a holy hunger on the inside of you in the name of Jesus.

Be blessed and receive all that God has for you,

-Keeli Fawcett

*Please seek help if you are in need of medical attention or counseling.  If you do not know who to contact in your area please let me know and I will be happy to see how I can help you!

Watchdogs and Hate Blogs

February 2014 was a whirlwind of travel.  One stop was Gastonia, NC where Keeli and I spoke at the Grace Upon Grace conference.  I began by reading a quote from John Crowder.  This quote is one of the most detoxing, myth busting, religious attitude killers I’ve ever heard.  So often, believers observe and mimic the patterns and habits of leaders in the church.  But the wonderful thing about maturing as a believer is that we don’t have to stick with those bad habits.  There is grace to move on and come to a fuller understanding of Jesus Christ’s finished work and your inclusion in that work. In today’s world of social media, skewed facts, hasty conclusions, and brutal attacks are prevalent.  In fact, one would conclude that most believers feel more called to be a watchdog or whistle-blower than a minister of the Gospel.  It’s a tendency developed by self-righteous living.  True discernment is not publicly calling out the faults of others, nor is it a gift to be abused by self-exaltation.  Discernment is a gift, like every gift, that should be operated from a place of love.

With that said, don’t be quick to get on a bandwagon of divisiveness, hate, slander, or libel towards other brothers and sisters in Christ because their church has activity you may not be familiar with, teaching you don’t agree with (or completely understand), or trends that are foreign.  I implore you: do not jump to conclusions without understanding the context.  Any “watchdog” can create a blog and spout off hate, create division, and be an instrument of confusion to the church and the world.  Nasty blogs tend to bind rather than create an allowance to enjoy God’s grace and freedom.

Keeli wrote clues for the treasure hunt conducted earlier that day.

After speaking, Keeli and I teamed up with our friends, BJ and Lisa Sullivan, and had an opportunity to pray with an array of people.  It was one of the best times of prophetic ministry we have ever had.  The message of grace tends to free people from the idea that something else must be done in addition to Jesus' finished work.  The requests weren’t weird, strange, or off the wall.  The requests for prayer were real and honest.  No super spiritual conspiracy theories or deliverance from the yabba-dabba-doo spirit of Beebop and Rocksteady (Ninja Turtle reference!).  The Holy Spirit did amazing things, called people back to a place where they were fulfilling their call, began restoring marriages, and speaking His language of love to them.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  The quote that I read from John Crowder’s video “A New Language”.  May the words bring a newfound freedom into your life.

  • I am not pressing in anymore.  I’ve been pressed into.
  • I’m not contending anymore.  I’ve been contended for.
  • I’m not a God chaser anymore.  He moves way too fast.  He chased me down, roped and hog-tied me, bagged and dragged me.
  • I’m not seeking God anymore.  He found me.
  • I’m not even drawing close to God.  We’re not getting closer.  We are in union.  We are Siamese twins.
  • You will never hear me say anything about overcoming the flesh.  The fleshly nature was circumcised away.
  • You will never hear me say anything about killing the old man.  The old man has been co-crucified with Christ.
  • Some people say, “You’re only human.” I’m not.  I’m a new creation.
  • Some people say, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” I am.  Unless you think Christ was incompetent on the cross.
  • Some people say, “Well, we’re all sinners.” What Bible verse is that?  As a matter of fact, John says if you continue in sin, you’re a child of the devil.
  • I don’t talk about dry times.  I don’t talk about dark nights of the soul.  I’m done with dessert theology.
  • I’m not asking Him to purify my heart.  He gave me a new one.
  • I’m not asking Him to open the heavens.  The veil of His flesh was torn and all of heaven was open with it.
  • I’m not asking Him to take me into the holy of holies.  That’s where I’m seated right now.
  • I don’t pump people up into intercession.  I think He’s done an adequate job of it.
  • I don’t pump people up into fasting.  He fasted so that I could feast.
  • I don’t pump people up into godly sorrow.  He was a man of sorrow so we could be a people of joy.
  • I don’t overemphasize confession.  It’s just admitting your sins to see that they’re already forgiven.
  • I don’t overemphasize my faith.  It’s His faith that saved me.
  • I don’t overemphasize repentance.  It’s a fruit of salvation, not the price tag to buy it.
  • I don’t talk about insiders or outsiders.  I don’t talk about saved or unsaved.  I don’t talk about good or evil.  I don’t talk about yin and yang.  I don’t talk about good cop-bad cop.  I’m just talking about Jesus and His inclusion of all humanity on the cross.  And I don’t talk about forgiven or unforgiven.  The only distinction is believer or unbeliever.  The Gospel changes everything… The scandal of grace.

To watch the entire video, visit:

Jonathan Fawcett


Brutally Honest Love

Keeli Black and WhiteOne of the greatest joys of being a husband is boasting about my wife.  My favorite preacher on the planet is my bride.  Keeli boldly goes where few dare.  This isn’t just when she ministers to hundreds at a time, but she also demonstrates valiant boldness when speaking to individuals.  Most of the time, I’m thinking, “I wouldn’t say that to someone.” She can be brutally honest and simultaneously loving.  She has made I Corinthians 13 a reality… Especially the passage that states, “Love rejoices in the truth.” In the moments Keeli speaks the truth of God’s love to people, I begin to see how selfless love is.  Knowing the truth and holding it from others is an instrument of control and manipulation.  Unfortunately, we see this in the church at an uncomfortable level.  Imagine being invited to speak at a church and being told, right before you begin, not to mention the Holy Spirit because some might see Him as controversial or divisive (even though He is the key to unity).

How selfish it is for someone to have experienced the healing power of God and not offer it to those in pain?  How selfish is it to know the benefits of being baptized in the Holy Spirit and not teach it?  How selfish is it to build a ministry based on a preacher’s closeness with God rather than helping bring others to the realization that Jesus has already closed in on us?  How selfish is it to know Jesus' limitless love and not shout it from the rooftops?  Each time Keeli teaches people how to hear the voice of God, leads them to Jesus or in the baptism of the Spirit, or releases the healing power of God into their bodies, I see how unselfish she is.  When I hear others say, “Why haven’t I heard about this before?” I realize just how fearless my wife is because of the boldness she has received from the Holy Spirit.

Since the moment I fell in love with Keeli, I felt it was my duty to make sure she was able to fulfill her call to preach the Gospel each time the door opened.  We were married and opportunities followed.  She was invited on multiple occasions to address crowds with the Gospel.  To my shock and awe, she declined.  I asked her why she didn’t go and this was her response:

“I married you so we could go together.”

The opportunities didn’t end there.  We still get invited to speak but we never fly solo.  We believe there is something that has been missing from the message being preached.  Crowds of hundreds or thousands of people cannot compare to the best ministry life has to offer: family.  In the words of Keeli, “We always go together.” As my wife forfeited opportunities to travel abroad to do what she loves to do, she remained with her family, waiting for the opportunities to do the very thing we love to do more than anything – together as a family.

-Jonathan Fawcett

Brink Fire Recovery

IMG_0312Rich and Linda Brink are good friends.  They are selfless, dedicated, joyful, and loving.  We love Rich and Linda like family.  We met them in Boston in 2011 at the Closer Conference for Ivy League students.  They have shown us continual love, support, and encouragement.  In 2012, Rich visited Boone, NC and ministered at the Fall In Love retreat we hosted and ministered to students and staff at Appalachian State University.  IMG_0275In April 2013, we visited their new home in Harrisburg, PA and experienced their outstanding hospitality.  After living in Maine for 40 years, they moved to Pennsylvania to help launch Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry.  It was an act of obedience to the Lord.  Their heart truly is for the kingdom of God. The Brink home received serious damage from a fire that began at the house next to them.  Their third floor is totally destroyed.  Their second floor was also severely affected.  Thankfully, everyone is safe.  Read the official story on and watch the news footage here:abc27 WHTM.

We have never once heard Rich or Linda ask for anything.  We have, however, seen their heart of service and generosity.  Now, it's time to give back.  Click on any of the images in this post to donate and support Rich and Linda in their recovery.  We love them dearly and desire to see them blessed beyond measure.    Please pray and give generously as you feel led.  Thank you.

Brink Fire Recovery Bold



Jesus in the Nail Salon

Keeli and AnneliWhat girl doesn't love to be pampered?  Having your nails done or a good hair cut just gives you an extra pep in your step.  However, there is a small problem.  These things cost and, sometimes, are not so cheap.  I debated on whether or not to have my nails done a couple months ago.  I could have sent money to support an orphan or help a friend in ministry.  That was literally my thought process.
I ended up deciding to treat myself while Anneli stayed at home with her dad.  As soon as I sat down in the nail salon, there was a lady in the chair directly beside me.  Instantly, she shared with me that it was her 46th birthday.  She was so excited to have her nails done as a special birthday treat!  In no time, she was sharing with me about her life and the health issues she had gone through over the past year.  Her story was heartbreaking.  I was thankful I was there to pay for her nails as a birthday gift.  More than that, I was thankful I had the opportunity to share with her about Jesus.  She was not sure if she would go to heaven.  Her first reason for not being born again was that she had smoked for years.  I told her that God loved her no matter what she did.  He is Love.  After paying for our nails, I had the opportunity to sit with her at a bench in the mall and lead her to the Lord.  As she walked off she said, "Now that was fun!"
She received the best birthday gift of all.  She knows that she will be with Jesus forever!

I haven't had my nails done since, but maybe I should go more often!  No matter where you go, Jesus is there.  He loves for us to enjoy things.  As much as we want to give gifts to our children and make them happy, God's desire to make us happy is even greater.  Enjoy life in abundance!

-Keeli Fawcett

Crumbs From the Table

"Jonathan! You've got to pray for Phoebe! She can't walk. Can you visit my office to pray for Phoebe?" Obviously, my first question: who is Phoebe? This poor, old woman must be in so much pain, frustration, and depressed. Well, maybe... if Phoebe was a woman. Phoebe just so happened to be this man's dog. This friend runs a local golf business and told me Phoebe would be waiting in his office. I agreed to pray for his pup. He told me he would not be there at the time I was available but to go on in and pray for Phoebe's healing.

I pulled into the parking lot and walked through the door to be greeted by the employees who were also college students. I felt embarrassed by what I was about to say. "I'm here to see Phoebe." Obviously, I was no veterinarian. They pointed the way to my friend's office. Phoebe was there next to the desk. Lying down with a funny contraption (perhaps a dog diaper?) around her two hind legs. I didn't want to close the door but I also didn't want to pray too loud. So I just started petting Phoebe's head and began (silently) speaking affectionately the way many humans do to their dogs.

I prayed over that dog, hoping none of the college students would hear me. I told Phoebe that we have been reconciled back to Father God and back to the garden where mankind had dominion over animals. If we expect to see people healed, we better believe for animals to be healed too.

I stood up and began walking out. Phoebe tagged behind me towards the door. "No Phoebe. You must stay in the office." After my rebuke to this elderly dog, I quickly returned to my car and drove off. Moments later, I received a phone call.

"Jonathan! Phoebe is walking! It worked!" I inquired further to discover that I had totally ignored the fact that this crippled dog was walking. It tried to follow me out the office door and I, in an attempt to spare further embarrassment of being compared to a spiritual dog whisperer, neglected to celebrate a miracle. Sickness and pain is such a disgusting, abominable thing to the Lord that He was even willing to heal the dog. You are not a dog. You are a child of God. How much more will He do for you?

Phoebe lived another year and a half after she was healed. If a dog can experience the tangible healing power of Jesus Christ, shouldn't everyone?

-Jonathan Fawcett

It's Been a Long Time... Then Texas

It has been a few weeks since the last blog post and I apologize for the delay.  Among other things, I was sent to Austin, TX for ten days in response to the floods that affected the community.  I was sent to train volunteers on a new computer system that the organization I work for launched and, before that, I was beta testing, training, and creating training materials for those involved.  But here we are. The Austins - Bible DedicationWhile in Texas, I was up before 6:30am and down after 11pm.  I shared a room with a fellow employee in a Sunday school room at the Baptist church that opened its doors to us.  During a disaster response deployment, one meets the most selfless people on the planet.  They take vacation time and travel (on their own dime) to volunteer in the country’s most devastated areas.  Floods, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes… They prepare the way for these compassionate volunteers who are there for one main reason: to show people the love of Jesus Christ by cleaning up their home.  There is something to be learned by them.  Having worked for the organization for three years, this was my first deployment to a disaster.  Although I never enjoy leaving Anneli and Keeli behind, I gained perspective I otherwise would not have.

FireA camera lens cannot capture the smell, the feel, and the enveloping sensation of being at ground zero like being there can.  Each homeowner helped receives a Bible signed by the volunteers.  I was given the honor of presenting the Bible to the Austin family.  They were on their honeymoon when the floods happened and returned to see the first floor of their home destroyed.  They had been married for ten days when I first met them.  I was also given the opportunity to lead devotions for the volunteers.  The day before I left, one of the church members let me pray for his shoulder.  After we prayed, I asked him how his shoulder felt.  He said it felt great and that he couldn’t hold his arms out like he now could before we prayed.

GloryIn my absence from North Carolina, Keeli gathered with believers from UNC-Wilmington and Appalachian State University.  Our desire is to know the hungry, the passionate, the laid down lovers of Jesus.  The following Tuesday, we met at a house near campus where these students worshipped, prayed, and ministered to one another.  Keeli led the students in a prayer to receive the baptism of fire.  I love testimonies of the Lord’s power but I am anticipating greater than we have ever seen.

We often wondered why we didn’t feel the unction to reinstate Something More School of Ministry this year.  Now, we know why.  If we had, we wouldn’t have encountered these students who gather weekly the same night the school would have met.  Pray for these students.  They realize the campus, the community, and their classrooms are mission fields ripe for receiving the love of Jesus.

Jonathan Fawcett 

Traveling Band

Dear readers, This blog has been a wonderful means of reaching you with testimonies of the goodness of Jesus and how the power of the Holy Spirit is transforming people’s lives.  We have heard from many of you how the blogs have been an encouragement.  Some of you may have been stirred to believe for your own miracle, healing, or breakthrough and we worship Father God for His continual goodness.

This season in our life is quite different.  Last year, we launched a School of Ministry in Boone, NC while pastoring a church on Appalachian State University’s campus.  Boone has been a landmark for miracles.  Now, we want to see your city saturated with signs of the God of love.

It is our desire to come to you, share testimonies of Christ’s power and love, and impart the desire for God’s kingdom to overwhelm your sphere of influence.

Here’s what you should NOT expect if we come to your town:

  • Long meetings of confession and repentance with a focus on sin.
  • Begging God to do something He already has done.
  • Formulas that accomplish something apart from Holy Spirit.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An opportunity for believers to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Personal prophetic and healing ministry and training.
  • Power evangelism training and exercises (most notably in the form of “treasure hunts”).

Because of our current employment, we are only available on certain weekends.  As we maintain stewardship in our home by working our jobs, we also desire to fulfill the call of God on our family’s life to train, equip, and empower believers to advance the kingdom of God in their cities and throughout the nations.  Email us at with any questions or available dates.  We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the details of a weekend with your friends, family, church group, and other believers who are stirred to see the reality of God’s kingdom.

Thank you and blessings,

Jonathan & Keeli Fawcett,


Revelation 19:10 states that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  In my experience, the testimony of what Jesus has done is sure to happen again and again and again because He is unchanging.  On April 19, 2007 (long before Keeli and I were even dating), she hosted a Holy Spirit party in her apartment.  Students were getting healed of stuff all night long. Close to Where Jesus Was Baptized

Our friend Katie was praying for Hannah, a friend with a touch of scoliosis (curved spine).  Hannah laid face down on the floor as Katie prayed over her back while running her fingers down Hannah’s spine.  As Katie prayed, Hannah’s vertebrate began shifting into alignment.  Katie felt the bones move into place.

A couple of years later, I met a student named Margo.  She used to train horses in Georgia until she was in a car accident that happened two years prior to our meeting.  The car accident was so bad, she had to be rescued from the vehicle with the jaws of life.  In fact, a tire had actually impacted her back, leaving her spine curved.  She walked bent over with her neck stretching out.  When she shared the story, I couldn’t help but remember our friend Hannah who, at one time, had a curved spine.

As I retold Hannah’s testimony, without flinching, Margo insisted we pray for her.  Her unrestrained desire for healing was an action of faith.  First, I sat her down in a chair and we measured the length of her legs.  One leg was shorter so I commanded the leg to grow in the name of Jesus.  As I held her feet in my hands, her leg began pushing against me (I tend to push back to show that I’m not pulling, twisting, or altering her legs).  Her legs were even but her back was still bent.

I asked Margo to lay face down on the floor.  There was a group of approximately ten students that were also there.  Everyone laid hands on her back.  I stood off from the crowd and prayed in the Spirit.  The crowd of students began softening their prayers.  I shouted, “Pray in the Spirit!” Everyone began praying in tongues.

Let me digress for a moment.  Now this is the part where some would stop reading or even begin accusing me of risking a great opportunity by frightening Margo as a group of unknown students pray audibly in tongues.  I stand on the Word of God, believing that every good and perfect gift is from God, including the gift of tongues which has a plethora of benefits.  An interpretation of tongues is not limited to a translation but can be a manifestation of another gift.  If I am speaking mysteries but praying the perfect will of God with the Holy Spirit, I am building myself up in my most holy faith, stirring the gifts, and activating an intimate dialogue in the language of heaven, bringing impossibilities to its knees.  It stirs, strengthens, and edifies.  Jesus included this in the ministry of the believer in Mark 16 and each time people were praying or speaking in tongues, marvelous wonders followed.  As Paul said in I Corinthians 14:19, “But in the church I would rather speak five intelligible words to instruct others than ten thousand words in a tongue.” But I pushed the envelope.  I used six intelligible words:

“Jesus!  You’re here!  Heal her!”

I slapped my hand on her back as the others continued to pray in the Spirit.  Sound intense?  Just wait!  All of us begin to feel her back muscles move.  Each vertebrate began to shift in its appropriate place.  Everyone was wide-eyed and began laughing.  In His presence is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11).  In His presence, there is healing.  Margo just stayed on the ground.  She just stayed relaxed and received.  When her muscles and bones stopped moving, she stood up.  She was taller, straighter, and had a much better posture.

She took off the ring from her finger and said, “This was the ring I was wearing during the wreck.  I want to throw it away.  I don’t want to hold on to any part of that wreck.” She flushed it down the toilet.  Then, we prayed for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  She wanted everything Jesus had for her!

She later told me about her visit to her message therapist (who, by the way, she told me was an atheist).  As soon as the message therapist saw Margo, she said, “What happened to you?” Margo shared the Gospel with her and the testimony of how Jesus healed her back.  Margo finished that semester at Appalachian State then moved back to Georgia to train horses.  She was finally able to do what she loved again.

Jonathan Fawcett

Bathroom Breakthrough: Jesus the... Adulterer?

We are in perfect union with Jesus, as a wife is in union with her husband.  Jesus set very high standards for His bride.  In John 14:12, Jesus said that whoever has faith in Him will do the works He has done and even greater.  Translation: All things are possible.  Reality bends its knee to the name and authority of Jesus.  As a believer, you carry His authority and have taken on the name of Christ, just as a bride takes on the name of her groom.  It was Jesus’ will for His bride to have dominion on the earth and subdue evil.  Then why is the church quick to blame God for something bad?  Matthew 12 is a beautiful picture of Jesus clearly telling the religious folks that He is not operating with or under the influence of the devil.  In retrospect, the devil is also not under the influence of Jesus. The devil is in an nonredeemable rebellion against God.  When we are under the influence, we are full of life, love, joy and the fruit of the Spirit.  The devil has no life, love, joy, or any fruit of the Spirit.  The enemy came to kill, steal, and destroy.  He is a defeated foe.  We have Christ in us… the hope of glory!  Heaven would be bankrupt of glory if we needed anymore.  We have the fullness of God within us.  We do not have a portion of the Holy Spirit.  Even Jesus said that God gives the Spirit without limit.  His goodness and glory fills us.  There is none to spare for the devil.

With that being said, Jesus does not use the devil to accomplish something intended for His bride.  A husband seeking sex apart from his wife with a prostitute is still fulfilling his desire for sex but it makes him an adulterer.  That husband’s desire, as pure as it may have been, becomes tainted in its satisfaction outside of marriage.  Jesus doesn’t seek to fulfill His will and desires through someone outside of His bride.  Jesus and the devil are not having a secret love affair behind our backs.  When the church awakens to this, we will stop blaming God for “using” sickness, pain, disease, poverty, natural disasters, and a life of hard knocks to bring Himself glory.  Remember, in John 9, Jesus said the man was born blind to bring glory to God.  If the glory was in the man’s blindness, then Jesus brought an abrupt and swift end to God’s glory.  But He didn’t!  Glory was not in the handicap but in the healing.  Jesus heals the man of blindness.  He works all things together for good.  All things include some bad things.  He turns bad situations around in confident triumph over our defeated foe.

In conclusion, God doesn’t bring storms, make people sick, or humble you through bad situations. He loves you faithfully.

“If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is.” –2 Timothy 2:13, NLT


Jonathan Fawcett


Written by Ann Tobler, a friend we had the honor of meeting at a Holy Spirit Party in Raleigh, NC.  After encountering the love of Jesus, Ann was instrumental in bringing transformation to her high school and community through the power of the Holy Spirit. We track our lives by days, months, and years. We celebrate birthdays, take pride in our anniversaries, and mark our calendars anticipating the exciting events that have yet to come. Most of our lives are marked by dates that can’t be remembered. We have our normal routines, our day to day jobs, our families, and everything in between. But then there are days that change our lives. In my opinion, there are typically two types of life changing days. The days that we rejoice in remembering and days that are attached to events of sorrow or pain. I know, in my life, there are several dates that hold life-changing significance and I want to tell you about two of them.

December 9, 2005 was a date that nearly stopped me dead in my tracks and I mean that literally. As a new Christian, a group of friends and I decided to prayer walk our school campus. At the end of our meeting, a friend and I hopped onto the back of a car to sit and talk. Then it happened. The car accelerated and turned and I was tossed from the back of the car to the asphalt. I skidded 15 long feet on my back and slammed my head into the ground. It was a life changing day. I fractured my skull and broke the bones in my ears. I laid on the asphalt unconscious, waiting for the ambulance, unaware of the extent of the damage. The days, weeks, and months which turned into a year and a half were filled with relearning how to conquer the brain damage, memory loss and the horribly frustrating new trait of being the partially deaf girl. Fast forward through the anger and frustration and rebellion against a God who would “let this” happen to me. On top of everything else, when I felt like God was failing me, science was too. I had re-corrective surgery on my ear to restore hearing and was intensely disappointed when the results were far from "healed and whole".

Then there was May 19, 2007 – this was the day that my life was drastically altered by the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. After a night at a local music venue, meeting the members of a band from Boone, NC, I found myself sitting on a couch in a living room surrounded by a group of faces that were mostly introduced the night before.

I quietly sat and began to listen to two “crazy about Jesus” people and was honestly turned off and frustrated that I even came. Keeli opened with, “Tonight we are going to learn about the Holy Spirit and healing.” What and WHAT? I had never heard of the power of the Holy Spirit and I definitely knew nothing about healing. Then another life defining moment happens. I heard the voice of God in the deepest parts of my inner being for the first time. It was strong, clear and oh so life changing. “Open your eyes and look at where you’re at.” In awe of what was happening I quieted my mind and really began to listen to what Keeli and Jonathan were saying. When they asked a very simple question, “Does anyone need to receive healing,” I reasoned with myself before raising my hand and telling my story. In my head it went a little like this, “This is insane. Healing? I mean if it works, great, if it doesn’t then I have nothing to lose. It’s not like they’re practicing witchcraft on me.” So I raised my hand and explained about how, literally 2 days prior, I received the news that my surgery to correct my hearing was not successful. I even had internal pictures of my ear to prove it. I then was scheduled to return for a follow up appointment 5 days later to schedule another surgery in hopes of succeeding a second time. I saw Jonathan and Keeli’s faces light up with the excitement of their complete faith that I would be healed.

Over the next hour or so, I watched arms grow out, spines straightened, terminal headaches relieved and then there was me. I sat in the “hot seat” and experienced the most intense and overwhelming power of prayer. To be completely honest, I can’t even remember if I cried or not but this warm blanket of God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit was released in my life. I was spiritually on fire and captivated by what I was experiencing. As my turn in the “hot seat” came and went,  I began praying for someone else and within moments I realized that I was baptized in the Spirit and began speaking in tongues. It was undeniable that God was moving in a powerful way that night. Having experienced God in a miraculous way on May 19, 2007, I can honestly say my life has never been the same. When I went for my follow up appointment, the doctors jokingly said I must have experienced a miracle and that I wouldn’t need a second surgery. I was healed. You never realize when you wake up on just another normal day, that it could just happen to be a life changing day.

Ann Tobler

Ann and Keeli at a prayer and worship gathering held in the football stadium of Ann's high school.  Ann has since graduated from NC State and is a professional photographer.

Enjoy the Season

We waited anxiously to…

  • Get our license
  • Graduate high school
  • Graduate college
  • Complete our highest degree of education
  • Get our first real job
  • Fall in love
  • Get married
  • Buy our first car together
  • Have our first child
  • Buy our first home together

And the list goes on…

Do we live a life of purpose or waiting?  I think the response to that question is both.  What if in the midst of our waiting we are living out our purpose?  It can be so easy to become discouraged in the midst of our waiting for the next big step in life.  Maybe you know that you are called to start orphanages, develop the cure for cancer or end abortion but it seems so far out of reach.  What has God put on your heart?  He cares about the process, the journey and the waiting.  God is a big God and He orders our steps (Psalm 37:23).  There are key scriptures I live my life by.  That is one of them.  Another is Psalm 2:8, “Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as your possession.”

Everyday, I dream of seeing the nations know Jesus.  Not just people hearing about a good man who walked the earth and died for them to have eternal life with Him.  But for them to intimately know their Father who died, lives today, and sent the Holy Spirit to earth so heaven can invade their life now.  As I dream of all races and generations falling radically in love with my Savior, I find myself sitting in a small town in North Carolina.  It could be easy to think I will never have an impact for the kingdom of God or ask how there will ever be the finances to see the world changed for the glory of God.  Yet I find myself so full of God’s promises knowing that He has it all figured out for me.

I remember sitting in the car with my mom one afternoon.  After school, as my dad went in the grocery store, we saw a woman popping wheelies on a grocery buggy with her little child in it.  I was shocked!  The poor kid was barely hanging on!  At that moment I told my mom, “ I am so glad I am not the Holy Ghost.”  I realized it was just too big of a job for me to “fix” people.  In those few seconds of silliness, the Lord showed me that it really is not up to us to take care of everyone and fix everyone’s needs.  God knew that was such a big job that He died to send the Holy Spirit (John 16:7).  Thank goodness we have the Holy Spirit!  That should take a lot of pressure off of us!

Instead of worrying about what you are not doing, enjoy what you are doing!  Everyday remind yourself who God created you to be and keep focused on those dreams.  Our dreams always become our reality.  Whatever you set your mind to is what you will step into.

“Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do super abundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams].” --Ephesians 3:20, AMP

What is the biggest dream you have every dreamed?

You want to become a teacher?  How about see the education system as a whole glorify God and our history books teach the Godly foundation our nation was established on?

You want to create roller coasters?  Build an amusement park and give money to feed and house children all over the world!

Quit worrying about what you have not seen and start dreaming about what you will see.  No age is too old or too young.  God has big things in store for you.  When God speaks, be instant to obey no matter how crazy it may seem.  I can promise you that God always knows best!

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” --Philippians 4:6, NKJV

Keeli Fawcett

No worries!

Pigeon Toed

Is there something that you have dealt with your entire life?  Is it hard for you to believe for your own healing?  Jesus asked people, “Do you want to be well?” The answer seems obvious but many identify with their own oppression, handicap, or sickness.  Whether you were born this way or recently diagnosed, God wants you well! I was a normal kid growing up.  I played sports as a youth and thought I was going to the Major Leagues or NBA.  However, I wasn’t that good.  I was tall for my class but I lacked the speed necessary to be of any significant value to a team.  My major setback: I was born pigeon toed.

I didn’t think much of it except when I tripped over my own two feet.  When I did, it was embarrassing, especially when another classmate pointed out that I “walked funny”.  So I just ignored it and lived to deal with it.  I wore insoles for my shoes that helped “correct” my walk.  I certainly didn't lose sleep over it.

I was raised in a home unaware of the availability of Jesus’ healing power to move in and through believers.  We went to church but it was pretty boring compared to what I see and experience now.  I never saw miracles, healing, signs or wonders.  I never heard a prophetic word or someone speak in tongues until I was a junior in high school.  Being saved was all there was.  Heaven was something we waited for, never something we bring to earth.  God's will was more of a guessing game rather than being realized through a relationship with Him.  Being raised in a church like this, I never had anyone in my life that was baptized and anointed with the Holy Spirit to pray for healing.  I, being ignorant of the power for God to heal today, never sought this kind of help from a believer.

When I finally learned what was available through the finished work of the cross (beyond the forgiveness of sin), I felt robbed.  I felt robbed that I had no teaching growing up about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I was clueless.  It wasn’t my parents’ fault.  They were clueless too.  Nobody had ever taught them either.  When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, a passion was stirred to make sure others who wanted everything God had for them were not robbed any longer like I was.  Ever since, the power of the Holy Spirit has wrecked me.  Now, I want it to wreck my generation, the next generation, and every generation to follow.  Our influence isn’t limited to our generation.  Our mission is to affect nations and generations.

By this time, I have seen many people healed.  But I never received healing for my pigeon toed self.  One morning, at Destiny Church in Spruce Pine, NC, my friend Aaron was healed of the opposite problem I had.  Rather than having feet that turned in, his feet turned out.  Our friend Richard spoke a healing word over Aaron and his feet began to straighten out.  Later that night at Immersion on Appalachian State’s campus, I heard the testimony.  If it happened to Aaron, I wanted healing too!  God is not a God of favorites – He loves us all equally!

I asked Richard to speak a healing word over me and I began to feel my feet turn out with sensations moving all the way up to my knees.  I stood up, moved around, began to walk, and my walk turned into a run as I thanked Jesus while getting used to my “new feet”.

The Lord wants your lost years restored.  He wants you stirred to believe for your own miracle, healing, and breakthrough.  Don’t be robbed another second.  Receive the fullness of His love now!

Jonathan Fawcett

Jonathan (left) with his cousin Ryan (right).

Sharp Dressed Mon

Written by Kermit Harpold; missionary to Jamaica, pastor of Destiny Church and Ministries, and Keeli's father.  Kermit writes about a powerful, transforming encounter one demon possessed man had with Jesus Christ at Lemon Hall Church in Jamaica. Before church one night, I noticed a man sitting alone in the center of a pew.  I walked back to shake his hand and, as I did, I was overwhelmed by the mixture of body odor and alcohol as well as the sight of bugs crawling in his long dreads.  As I held his hand, he shared that his sister said if he went to church that I would be able to cast a demon out of him.  He shared that he had not been sober in over 15 years and that he wanted to be normal and work again. I shared the love of God with him and took authority over the spirits that had wrecked his life.  He received Jesus as his Lord, was baptized in the Holy Spirit, began to speak in tongues and, for the first time in 15 years, was instantly sober.

The next night, there was a man sitting in the same place this man had been sitting the night before.  He was dressed very sharp and I thought he may be a preacher from one of the local churches who had come to visit.  As I stepped forward to welcome him, I realized it was the man from the night before.  God had not only done a miracle in his spirit, he had done a miracle in his physical body.

That night, he was healed of many ailments in his body, including diabetes and Hepatitis C.  He ministered with me, seeing many healed as he laid hands on people in Jesus’ name.  God, definitely, is good!

Kermit Harpold


Friends,We are excited to announce an event taking place Friday, March 1 from 7pm-9pm in the Whitewater Lounge of the Student Union on Appalachian State's campus.  Campus ministers, local pastors, current students, alum, and residents who have been praying for revival and transformation to come to ASU are invited to pray as we worship with our friends, BJ and Lisa Sullivan.  Watch the video to learn more about Landmark: [youtube]

We will see you Friday, March 1st as we launch into 40 days of prayer and fasting.  Until then, Instagram this photo, tweet it, post it as your Facebook profile picture and help spread the word...

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We love you and look forward to making a scene with you for the Kingdom of God.

Jonathan & Keeli Fawcett