Freedom from Eating Disorder


In hopes that liberation will replenish and testimonies will come from a result of this blog...

Have you ever had the overwhelming guilt from ingesting food at the thought you would gain an ounce or made yourself so sick from eating that you had to purge your insides or were so stricken with fear of gaining weight that you could not swallow anything but air?  There is a good chance you have faced one of those scenarios and if you haven’t I can assure you some of your close friends have.  An eating disorder can come from the most innocent dieting rituals.  Simply trying to take care of your body or preparing for the spring break trip coming up in a few weeks.  I cannot imagine that many people would purposefully set themselves up for a life-threatening condition.  Females may wake up determined to look better and lose weight but it is harder to come across a young girl who said she woke up one morning and quit eating to take on a chronic illness. We all want to look good but the thing I have found after seeing so many friends get married is that skin and bones is not your answer to walking down the aisle to get married.  Girls of all shapes and sizes get married and they marry good looking people.  Just go to the mall and look around you.

Saturday night I picked up a newspaper and saw an ad for National Eating Disorder Awareness week which was actually last week.  As soon as I saw the ad the Lord told me to write a blog on eating disorders and girls were going to be supernaturally healed as they read it.

If you are dealing with unhealthy eating I am not sure of the cause or hurt you may be facing right now.  I do know that just as Esther, in the Bible, you have been called for such a time as this and you were made in the image of God.  Jesus created you perfect.  Literally perfect.

I pray you receive a God given desire for food and peace to eat healthy.  I break every lie of the enemy over your mind and call you blessed, holy and righteous.  You have been set free and I declare the freedom and love of God to overwhelm you. Jesus loves you because He loves you and He made you.  Feed and take care of your body.  You have the mind of Christ.  God has perfect plans for your life and you will walk them out.  There is nothing you have done that is too big for God’s grace to take care of.  You are healed and never again do you have to fear food or weight gain.  I speak righteous eating and a holy hunger on the inside of you in the name of Jesus.

Be blessed and receive all that God has for you,

-Keeli Fawcett

*Please seek help if you are in need of medical attention or counseling.  If you do not know who to contact in your area please let me know and I will be happy to see how I can help you!