Brink Fire Recovery

IMG_0312Rich and Linda Brink are good friends.  They are selfless, dedicated, joyful, and loving.  We love Rich and Linda like family.  We met them in Boston in 2011 at the Closer Conference for Ivy League students.  They have shown us continual love, support, and encouragement.  In 2012, Rich visited Boone, NC and ministered at the Fall In Love retreat we hosted and ministered to students and staff at Appalachian State University.  IMG_0275In April 2013, we visited their new home in Harrisburg, PA and experienced their outstanding hospitality.  After living in Maine for 40 years, they moved to Pennsylvania to help launch Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry.  It was an act of obedience to the Lord.  Their heart truly is for the kingdom of God. The Brink home received serious damage from a fire that began at the house next to them.  Their third floor is totally destroyed.  Their second floor was also severely affected.  Thankfully, everyone is safe.  Read the official story on and watch the news footage here:abc27 WHTM.

We have never once heard Rich or Linda ask for anything.  We have, however, seen their heart of service and generosity.  Now, it's time to give back.  Click on any of the images in this post to donate and support Rich and Linda in their recovery.  We love them dearly and desire to see them blessed beyond measure.    Please pray and give generously as you feel led.  Thank you.

Brink Fire Recovery Bold



Heart for Harvard - Part 1

As a junior in college, I found myself praying for revival in the Ivy League schools.  I spent a night immersed in the presence of God, full of hope, that God’s presence would be known on Harvard’s campus.  After praying I began to think about how “strange” it was for me to have a heart for Harvard when I did not attend an Ivy League school. The next morning, I decided to research the connection between revival and the Ivy League campuses.  When I sat down to the computer, I searched Google for “Ivy League Revival”.  The very first link that came up took me directly to the registration page for the Yale Institute of Campus Revival and Awakening.  Although the website for the institute clearly explained that they were looking for campus ministers and professors with a heart for the universities, I knew God had ordered my steps and that I was to attend this gathering.  I completed my registration not knowing what the person on the other end was going to think when they saw I was a college student.  After applying, I told God that I expected for him to cover all of my finances to attend what I had just applied for.

A few days later, I received a phone call from an unknown number.  It was Dave Warn from Collegiate Impact who was planning and hosting the institute.  Dave shared how they appreciated my interest, but at that time they were not accepting college students.  If they changed their mind they would let me know.  After the conversation ended, I told God that I knew I was supposed to be there and I would go ahead and raise the financial support to go.  I wrote a letter and began sending it out to friends, explaining what the Lord had placed on my heart.

About a month before the institute began, I received my second phone call from Dave.  He let me know that they had decided to let me come if I could get my finances together in such a short period of time.  Little did he know at that time that I was already working on the money!  I told him the money wouldn’t be a problem.

A man from church offered to buy my plane ticket and I continued making plans to be somewhere that would reveal my heart’s desires.  It was amazing to see how God took care of every little detail including my two professors who allowed me to miss the last full week of summer school.

On my way to Yale, I had a layover in Hartford, CT and changed to a much smaller plane for the last flight into New Haven.  When I boarded the plane, a man in front of me named Gary Stratton asked if I was going to the institute and I told him I was!  He explained that when we were waiting at the terminal God spoke to him and told him there were specific young people God was raising up to lead His next move and when he closed his laptop to board the plane he saw me and God said, “She is one of them.”

That week, Gary was my dad away from home!  I have had the privilege of meeting part of his beautiful family and they are such a blessing!  I was in awe of how God not only takes care of our finances but also provides family and relationships everywhere we go with God!

Through that week I heard so many incredible ministers.  I met men of God who have had hundreds of angelic visitations in their home and took their time to pour into me that week.  There are men and women of God who have radically laid their lives down to see the fullness of God’s heart known to all men and nations.

On the last night of the institute, the President of Life Action Ministries, Byron Paulus, spoke after our dinner.  He shared the story of a man named Gipsy Smith who would take a piece of chalk and draw a circle around himself.  Smith would ask God to fill that circle with revival.  He knew if he was overflowing with God the presence of Jesus would pour out of him everywhere he went.  Revival begins with you!

That was a life changing message in my life!  From that night my heart has been to be so full of Jesus that I leak Him everywhere I go.  I want to radically love Jesus in such a way that every person I come in contact with knows Him.  Although I am blessed with an incredible family and friends, it was my passion from that night forward to know that my destiny, provision and happiness depended on God alone.  I knew that, even if it was just me and Jesus, we would see transformation together in the entire world.

Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. -Psalm 2:8

Keeli Fawcett

Hand of God 1

Trust Him

It has been almost one year since Anneli was born and it has been the fastest year of my life!  Anneli brings us unexplainable joy!  Since the moment we found out we were pregnant, it has been my prayer for Jesus to take care of every need we would face.  Through the pregnancy, God took care of every situation from providing insurance, a larger home and protection during a car accident when I was five months pregnant. It has always been the desire of my heart to be with my children and take them with me to do ministry.  In the natural, it was impossible for us to live on only one salary.  However, after having Anneli, Jonathan and I both had such a peace that I should step out of my job at the community college.  Things we had been praying for over the past five years were coming into fruition in just a matter of time.  We still had no way to cover our bills but we knew, in the long run, we would be better off to go with the peace of Jesus.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, we began saving money as though that was our actual job!  We also began selling anything and everything that we did not use around the home.  It was amazing how much “stuff” we had to get rid of.

As the first months passed by after Anneli’s birth, I watched our savings account dwindle away while knowing that it would eventually be empty.  For days, I would wake up in the morning asking God what He wanted me to do and presenting him with different job options but He would say, “Trust me.  You can go for that job but I have much better.  Trust me.”  Week after week, all I could tell Jonathan was that Jesus said to trust Him.  I have no clue how He is going to take care of us but I just know that I need to wait on Him and trust Him.  Waiting can be one of the hardest things to do in life.  It seems so much easier to take matters into our own hands and create a solution.  However, I have learned that, over the long haul and even in the present moment, we are always better off to stand on God’s word.  Jesus always has our best interest in mind and He is always working in our favor.  God knows what He is talking about.

As our savings account decreased and it became harder to find items to sell, there did not seem to be any sign of financial increase except God’s promise.  In November, I woke up in the middle night and went to the living room where I could hear and see rain pouring.  In that moment, the Lord said, “This month, financial provision will be poured into your home.”  In that same month, I was contacted by a friend who asked if they could connect me with a lady who was looking for someone to keep her little girl a few days each week.  It ended up that the family lives off the same road we do and I keep the little girl at home with Anneli!  God knew all along what He had planned.  I could have gone out on my own, looked for a job where I couldn’t keep Anneli and found a job that would have possibly hindered the ministry we do on campus and kept us from our ministry travels on the weekend but the hours of my new job and location of the family are perfect.  God is so good, always on time and is better that we could ever imagine.  No matter what we are believing for or trying to figure out, God has the answer and He will always come through on your behalf.  Trust Him!

Keeli Fawcett

Anneli's Face of Shock

New Endeavors

This is a blog but it is comprised of testimonies of the Lord's power at work.  Why?  Because this generation, like every other before it, needs the tangible power of God to believe.  Joshua 24:31 says: Israel served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived him and who had experienced everything the Lord had done for Israel.

What happened during the days of Moses and Joshua?  Signs and wonders.  When we forget what the Lord has done, human nature has proven to revert to filling the natural hunger for God with idols.  This is why David said in Psalm 77:11-12:

I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.  I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.

God has called us to accomplish many tasks and we are rising to the occasion.  Our desire is to be instantly obedient to what the Lord has called us to do.  In the midst of it all, we ask for and welcome your prayers - the prayers of faith!

What can you be praying for?

Fall In Love 2012 - This beautiful autumn weekend in Boone, NC will be an event filled with students and passionate believers from around the country learning the fundamentals of power evangelism.  Hands on training (including treasure hunts and prophetic evangelism) will be included.  Pray that all who attend get stirred with boldness and confidence to lead others to Jesus through the demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power.  Pray also for those who will be encountered in our outreaches.

Immersion ASU and UNCG - Students at Appalachian State are learning about and experiencing the Holy Spirit, grace and the kingdom of God.  As we pastor Immersion Church on ASU's campus, pray for the students we minister to.  Pray that they would daily be aware of the opportunities for them to be missionaries on their campus.  As our good friend and former intern, Richard Lambert, continues to network and meet students on UNC Greensboro's campus, pray for abundant favor with students, faculty and staff as he establishes an Immersion plant on the campus of UNCG.

Something More School of Ministry - As SMSOM launches, pray for the students.  Pray they would see an increase in the supernatural power of God in all they do and that many lives would be transformed because they are hungry for more.  Pray for us as we teach the classes.

Experience - Appalachian State has been the home of miracles on campus for the simple reason that we have purposed to be laborers in the harvest field rather than only praying.  Our desire is to host students from around the nation to train and reveal the nature of Christ when encountering unbelievers outside the four walls of comfort (much like "Fall In Love" but more frequently).  The Holy Spirit is the Comforter... probably because we will be in uncomfortable situations.  As believers, we must return to the basics of the Great Commission.  When we go into the world, signs and wonders confirm the message we bring (Mark 16:20).  Many are hungry and the Lord has prepared a feast before us but many don't realize how to indulge in what He has prepared.  Our desire is to give experience to those who are hungry so that, everywhere they go, they will know how to live full and bring guests to the table!  As details come together, we ask that you pray for hunger to stir in the students who want nothing less than transformation on their campuses... and that they find us!

Thank you for your agreement, prayers and support.  You are a blessing to us.

The Fawcetts


Memorial Day weekend of 2011 began with amazing news. I worked late and, after the long drive back home (over an hour) from the office, I was greeted by Keeli. "I missed you!" she smiled. "I even made you a card!"

"You must have been feeling lonely," I joked as I received her card. The card revealed that she was not as lonely as I may have thought. I opened the card and it read:

"We live in a little round house and soon you'll see a little round belly!"*

Tears and laughter followed as we prayed over the womb where our baby awaited her birthday. One week later, we were in Asheville, attending a conference with the organization in which I worked as an associate. Keep in mind that we had no health insurance.

I received a call from Keeli. After researching the procedure for monitoring the baby's health, the medical world's role, and the bills that would follow, she expressed her concern for financial coverage.

Keeli prayed, "Father God, this is your child. You need to provide for this baby."

One day later, as I was scrambling to complete a last minute request, I reported to the vice president of our department. "Thank you, Jonathan. You know you've been promoted to full time, right?" Wondering if the comment was in jest, I told him I was not aware. I immediately contacted Keeli and told her the great news! Not only did my salary increase, but Keeli and I were eligible for benefits, including health insurance. Through this insurance company, a pregnant woman is only eligible for coverage within the first trimester. We made the deadline by three weeks!

When you are blessed, you are equipped to prosper. God is good and will bless you with the unexpected when we ask, believe, and receive. Until I said, "Yes, I accept," I did not receive my promotion. The same is true in the Kingdom of God. With thankful hearts, we must say, "Yes, I accept and receive," to Jesus. Position yourself in His grace, knowing He is good, to receive blessings from the Lord. We are blessed to be a blessing. Why? Because He loves us!

*To listen and download the song inspired by Keeli's card, written in honor of our daughter, click here.

Jonathan Fawcett