Incredible, quick read that will set your heart on fire to see the Holy Spirit move in your own life. This has a thorough but practical teaching of scripture along with real life instances of miracles and revival. It’s a must read!!
— Amazon Customer Review

When was the last time you related ministry to... fun? College campuses are international mission fields where the nations have flocked to become the leaders of the future.

Approximately 4% of college students are believers in Christ. Of that, how many actively engage others with the Gospel or even know how to effectively without the religious rat race? Holy Spirit Party documents the true account of miraculous transformation in the lives of young college students who experienced the tangible love of Jesus Christ through a demonstration of God's power – without the striving!

Testimonies of signs, wonders, miracles, healing, prophecy, deliverance, and salvation will encourage the most timid to boldly share God's infatuation for their neighbor with their neighbor. Whether on a college campus or at work, at home or abroad, among leaders or beggars, anyone can be reached with the power of the Holy Spirit – and have a party doing it!

Holy Spirit Party is available at Amazon on paperback and Kindle.


Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He actually do?

What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and why is it important?

Does the Holy Spirit come and go?

What do spiritual gifts look like in your everyday life?

Inspired by the most common questions, ranging from the baptism of the Holy Spirit to spiritual gifts and practical activation, this book provides Scriptural answers to guide believers into a life that boldly demonstrates the Good News of Jesus Christ with pure love and compelling power. From the book Holy Spirit Party, this resource is a simple introduction to what it means to be immersed in God's Spirit with full confidence and boldness.

Holy Spirit In Person, Not Portions is available at Amazon on paperback.

Christmas Cartographer is an announcement of the end of religion when love became a person on Christmas night—the reconciler, Jesus Christ.

A dynamic blend of original melodies that fuse elements of rock and roll, modern indie, singer/songwriter, and compositions of acoustic instruments which commonly attribute to the earthy tones of unplugged folk.

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